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Whether you are filing for divorce, dealing with child custody, or negotiating alimony, or if you have been involved in an incident involving domestic violence, the Law Firm of John D. Mills, P.A. can help you. Although pursuing any legal matter can be an emotional process, it may be even more emotional when dealing with a family member. Our firm understands the complexities that go into a family legal issue, and we have extensive experience litigating at both the state and the federal level. We have also handled delicate and consequential cases, like high net worth divorce, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing and what we’re helping you fight for. 

There are numerous ways we can help you resolve your family law matters, whether in negotiations at mediation or the courtroom. In many cases, attempting to go through mediation outside of court to settle a case may preserve relationships and preserve the best interests of your children. However, if you feel like you need to go to court to settle your case, Attorney John D. Mills has more than 31 years of experience and the professional skill required to get you the best possible outcome in court. He will do his best to provide you with the quality legal services you need to negotiate a favorable outcome.

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Our Unique Approach to Law

No matter how difficult your situation is, we have the experience and skill set needed to help you find a solution. Our legal team is committed to helping you achieve all your goals, whether through negotiation or litigation, and can help you no matter where you are in Lee County. You can rely on our firm to provide you with tenacious and individualized representation.

31 Years of State and Federal Legal Experience to Guide You Through the Family Law System

Attorney Mills represents a range of clients dealing with family law concerns, from those who have been victims of domestic violence to those filing for divorce to those who are having trouble getting their ex-spouse to comply with a current divorce order. Whatever stage in the divorce or family law process you are in, Attorney Mills will help you make the most of the legal rules in your favor, such as by overseeing equitable distribution of your property or negotiating parenting time for you.

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    John D. Mills
    I'm John D. Mills, and I am dedicated to aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for my clients - inside and outside of court.
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    Monica Skinner Adkins is a 5th generation Lee County residence. She was born and raised in Fort Myers and graduated from North Fort Myers High School and attended Edison Community College for two years.
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    Sheryl A. Riebenack, a Florida Registered Paralegal, has worked with the firm since 2010. She has over 40 years of experience in marital & family law. She serves our clients with compassion and respect.