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Criminal Defense

When you've been arrested, your future is at stake. Your freedom, reputation and assets are in danger of being lost because of your pending charges. I represent clients in both state and federal courts. As an experienced, local attorney, I have been handling criminal defense cases since 1990.

Having Trouble Enforcing a Court Order?

If you are having trouble getting your former spouse to adhere to a child custody order, I can help you compel compliance through the legal system. It may also be possible to fight for compliance with orders related to asset disclosure either before, while or sometimes after the divorce has been settled.

Hiding Assets Is a Crime

This is important as Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that property division is based partially on the net worth of both parties. If you are the one who is failing to disclose assets during a divorce or are otherwise not complying with a court order, I may be able to help broker a deal that may allow you to comply with the order without facing contempt of court charges.
John D. Mills, Family Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ft. Myers, FL.