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Divorce is never an easy process, and it can be further complicated when it involves highly valuable assets. Whether you owned a business during your marriage or brought significant wealth or debt into the marriage, you may be facing a lengthy divorce process to divide these marital assets and debts. Attorney John D. Mills, P.A., however, is a highly experienced high asset divorce lawyer who will know how to navigate the legal and financial side of the matter. He is a Fort Myers local deeply familiar with the clerks system and surrounding attorneys, and he will know how to appropriately negotiate your high net worth divorce while keeping your financial interests in mind.

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What Is Considered a High Net Worth Divorce?

In general, a high net worth divorce (or high asset divorce) is a divorce that involves more than $1 million in assets. These assets could be in the form of real property or business or investment shares, among other types.

High net worth divorces are best handled by attorneys familiar with the asset division process and who have handled such negotiations involving valuable property. While the process in a high net worth divorce is not too different from a standard divorce, the consequences are much more serious, as the property up for division in a high net worth divorce is worth significantly more. This could impact the child support and alimony decisions, as well as lead to a lengthy property distribution negotiation. Many high net worth divorces will involve business valuations, technical accountants, and other experts who may be asked to step in to calculate certain assets with the attorney.

Equitable Distribution Does Not Mean 50/50

Recall that Florida law divides property based on equitable distribution, which does not necessarily mean an exact 50/50 split of assets. One spouse, often the higher-earning spouse, may be expected to provide more for the other spouse. The specific considerations for determining the equitable distribution plan include:

  • the duration of the marriage;
  • the financial circumstances of each spouse;
  • each spouse’s contribution to the marriage;
  • other relevant factors.

Tax Consequences

One important consequence of high net worth divorce, particularly those involving one spouse’s business, is tax considerations. Be aware that dividing certain components of stock options or investments could result in complex tax situations. It is critical to have a lawyer by your side to make sure these financial considerations are appropriately addressed, such as by making sure you have all the necessary tax documents and prepare for any financial obstacles that may arise with division.

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